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Santa Solas

We are so lucky to have had Santa Solas at the North Pole with us for the past 3 years! You can catch him over here on Saturdays and Sundays from 5-8. Check the schedule for available time slots.

Meet Santa Solas

Let us tell you about Santa Solas, our third-generation Santa Claus! The red suit tradition runs deep in his family, following in the jolly footsteps of his uncle and grandfather, who've all spread that wonderful Santa magic during the holiday season.


But what does Santa Solas do when the holidays are over? Well, he's not just a Santa, but a teacher too! During the off-season, you'll find him at the Oakland School for the Arts, where he commutes all the way from the North Pole every day. He says, 'There's a special BART stop past Richmond that no one else knows about, making this journey a piece of cake.' And that's not all - Santa Solas is a multi-talented guy. He's an incredible singer, songwriter, arranger, performing artist, and actor. You can catch him performing all over the Bay Area and even beyond.


Most importantly, Santa Solas loves connecting with children. Nothing makes him happier than seeing those little faces light up with joy. He's super dedicated to his role and to representing his community, and he hopes he can see your kids year after year, watching them grow and sharing in the magic of the season!

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